BEST OF: First quarter

COAT: Vavavoom  –  SNEAKERS: DinSko  –  BACKPACK: Adidas  –  LEGGINS: Cubus

JACKET: Gina Tricot and customized  –  LEGGINS: Zalando  –  HOODIE: Second hand  –  TOP: H&M

PANTS: FreddyStore  –  SWEATER: Fiorella

JACKET: Second hand and customized  –  BOOTS: Customized / Roots Inc.  –  TOP: Cubus PANTS: Selfmade

dress 4_editedDRESS: Vavavoom  –  JACKET: Second hand and customized  –  LEATHER CAP: H&M  –  BOOTS: Aphrodite

LEATHER JACKET: Boyfriend’s  –  LEGGINS: Gina Tricot  –  TOP: Roots Inc.  –  BANDANA SCARF: Second hand  –  EYEWEAR: Seppälä

IMG_2093IMG_2122JOGGER PANTS: H&M men and customized  –  BOOTS: Roots Inc. CUSTOM  –  COAT: Vavavoom  –  SWEATER: Fiorella  –  EYEWEAR: WindsorStore

BOOTS: Roots Inc. CUSTOM  –  LEGGINS: Zalando  –  TOP: Gina Tricot  –  HOLSTER / PHONE CASE: LD West  –  HOODIE: Second hand

JACKET: Second hand and customized  –  JEANS: BikBok  –  SWIMSUIT / ONE PIECE: Alati Swim

timbs 7_editedSWEATER: Timberland / Second hand  –  LEATHER JACKET: JC Jeans Company and LEATHER VEST: Second hand and customized  –  EYEWEAR: BikBok

DRESS: SheIn  –  BOOTS: DinSko  –  LEATHER CAP: H&M  –  HOLSTER: LD West

JACKET: Second hand and customized  –  BOOTS: Roots Inc. CUSTOM  –  LEGGINS: Gina Tricot  –  TOP: Cubus  –  HOLSTER: LD West

Soooo here was my fav outfits and looks from these past three months! I Couldn’t have pull these looks off without my rokkin’ jackets, my favorite white boots, some great collabs, few edgy accessories and most of all, without confidence in myself!

As you may find I actually do have some favorite items that I wear A LOT, and I think one key to a good looking ensemble is to actually looove what you are wearing. Wouldn’t you agree? The other thing that really makes my looks, is color co-ordinating and mixing street vibe with other style elements. Like I’m ever too chic, never simply sporty, never too boyish or girly, but always mixing it up because I can not be labeled too much. What did you like and were there any fav outfits? And tell me, what makes Your looks?

Rokrok! / Eeva



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