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Sain joulukuussa tiedustelun suostuisinko bloggaaja-haastatteluun. Suostuin hetkeäkään miettimättä. Haastattelukysymykset saadessani olin todella positiivisesti yllättynyt siitä kuinka hyvin haastattelija oli blogiini tutustunut ja onnistunut saamaan minusta totuudenmukaisen kuvan, kysymykset olivat selkeästi juuri minulle räätälöity. Tuntui hyvältä saada kertoa asioista jotka ovat itselleni tärkeitä ja suuria intohimon kohteita, ja vaikka olenkin jo muutamasta haastattelusta kieltäytynyt, koska olin juuri antanut edellisen, tulen kyllä jatkossakin mielelläni vastaamaan haastattelupyyntöihin myöntävästi. Itselleni jäi tästä kokemuksesta pelkästään positiivinen mieli!

One of the most interesting thing I love about reading blogs, is discovering the character behind each bloggers. It is true that people decide what to post but we can get a glimpse of their personalities. What I have discovered about Eeva is her honesty. She writes what she thinks. It’s definitely unconventional to see bloggers raise their voice on certain topics as she does. Eeva is a super positive person, even if she has gone through hardships, she finds no reason to worry about things. Her blog is definitely a place where you will get motivated to achieve your dreams and a place where you’ll learn more about entrepreneurship especially in the field of creative work. She is not only a determined, strong-minded and intuitive girl who relies on her instinct but she is also the entrepreneur of Roots. A company that she owns.

Hello am Eeva,
I was born in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, and have been living in Helsinki most of my life.  I come from a quite poor family with lots of different challenges.  I’ve always been the one who gets to settle and stand aside when others get to have things and do things. My family and I, we have not been as fortunate. This is why the following subjects are so important to me;  inner growth, inner beauty, personal style and overall understanding and accepting others. I grew up to be creative and persistent, and one of my biggest goals in life is to make my mom proud, (who past away 4 years ago struggling cancer for the third time), by succeeding in life.

What do you find challenging in doing everything from the design, photo shoots to the marketing tasks without a team?
I find the biggest challenge to be lack of time, but that’s not by any means the only challenge.  I have small assets, meaning money, and it takes a lot out of me to try to create everything out of nowhere, using my imagination and creativity. My biggest assets are, actually, my mind, my hands, and the fact that I am willing to make the effort.
Eeva, when we talk about the subject of female entrepreneurship there is always room for comparison with our male counterpart, how do you deal with that?
I try to focus on my own space and what I’m doing instead of what others are doing, and most of all, HOW they do it. It’s an eternal battle for me to try to showcase that there are many ways you can do your own thing and not letting others to determine what is correct. But it is true, the society demands more from us female entrepreneurs, and I don’t consider it to be fair.
Tells us more about ROOTS, what was your vision when you’ve created it and what makes it different from other street style brands?
Roots Inc. is a combination of handmade street wear and customized second hand, to fit to the current street fashion scene. I’ve always favored recycling and ethics, and that was the first thing I wanted to put into my work. Second part is that I love mixing styles and clothes from different genres, that is how you create the most exiting outfits in my point of view. I would love to create a bigger clothing line and serve really cool, well detailed custom clothes in addition. Maybe that will be the next step for Roots.
What is your secret to stay motivated?
I am such a believer, and a positive and intuitive person. I don’t think that our biggest dreams come to us only to be ignored. I believe there is a reason. I’ve found this passion and vision of mine, and a reason why everything has happened the way that they have. My past, my journey towards entrepreneurship and now the 2 years I’ve been an entrepreneur. Those things didn’t happen to me to let go and stop trying, I know there is something big to come. This spark keeps me going.
Eeva one of your strength is your willingness to fail. You are not afraid to be a risk taker. How did you forged this trait of your personality?
I have never believed your failures or struggles could define you in the end. The thing that defines us is our ability to stand up and try again. The way you react to things that happen and ability to see the silver lining in everything. Also, I believe, if there are no possibilities to be seen, you can create your own chances.
Eeva’s style is not about high end but she rather loves street style inspired by Rihanna, Rita Ora and Fanny Lyckman. Eeva: ‘’ I can promise you you’ll never catch me with a designer bag on my arm, I simply hate what that represents to so many people.’’ She privileges style over brand.
What do you like about street style?
The youth aspect, the countless possibilities, the attitude, showing your personality, the coolness of it all.
How does it represent your personality?
 I dress how I feel. And the thing is that I’m a rocker soul, with a hood girl inside of me, and little bit of boho too. My style is not to label myself. And one of the things I love to show is those second hand clothes in my outfits, simply because I choose style over brands and don’t believe that money can define your looks and status by any means. I know that is not how mainstream thinks, but hell, I’m not mainstream.
This interview would not be complete without talking about HSP, high sensitive person. Eeva can you share with us your life before and after knowing you were a high sensitive person. What counsel would you give to people facing the same life experience as you.?
This is a big subject and really defines me a lot. I could write a book about this subject! I’ve always known there’s something different about me. The way I am and how my energy is. I haven’t met many people in my life who can identify with me and how I think and see the world, and that does make me feel lonely at times. Maybe the thing I wanna say could be just to embrace yourself as you are. With all your imperfections. Trust yourself. Try to learn about yourself and evolve every single day. Knowing yourself is the biggest richness you can have, and the most powerful thing in your own life. And if you are HSP like me, try to value your inner world and your senses, as it can offer you so damn much.
Eeva is passionate about photography :Portrait / Fashion / Beauty
Tell us more about it:

I generally shoot people. I outline/design the photo-shoots, direct and also style the people for them. I try to avoid clichés and overly sexy poses, and add my own vision to every shoot, which I think is a rockfish vibe. I’ve had the opportunity to shoot and style some of the Finnish artists, such as Sanni, Evelina and Krista Siegfrids whom are the top artists in Finland. I hope I’ll get the chance to proceed with my photography for many years to come.


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